Oncology Support

Call us on 1300 1REMED or 1300 173 633 or book online for a complimentary an adjunctive care oncology assessment.

ReMed has a strong results-based clinical expertise in natural and complementary medicine. Our team of practitioners work collectively to support oncology patients who are under the care of an oncologist. Adjunctive care is provided at any stage of your diagnosis, prior to starting treatment, during treatment and post treatment.

We work in a complementary role to oncologists, providing adjunctive care to support conventional treatment plans; surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal treatments. The adjunctive care plans are individualised to each patient, depending on the type of cancer, stage of diagnosis and the side effects being experienced.

Our first aim is to do no harm. We have a thorough and extensive understanding of how drugs work in the body, and understand the possible interactions of any herbs or supplements prescribed. We know what is safe and what to avoid.

Our team at ReMed will assist in:

    • Support recovery and convalescence from surgery
    • Enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
    • Reduce the side effects (both short and long-term) of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
    • Support general health to ensure conventional treatment plan can be adhered to
    • Maintenance plan to reduce recurrence 

ReMed is one of few clinics in Australia that has two specialist massage therapist with advanced qualifications in oncology massage.  Being able to provide a joint care model allows for better overall individualised care, which provides better outcomes for cancer patients.

Our oncology practitioners are as follows:

Please note: oncology care criteria requires you to be undertaking conventional monitoring and treatment to be included in the Vita program.

The ReMed oncology care team are also proud to have formed the Ancora Oncology Adjunctive Care Program for women undergoing conventional treatment for breast cancer.

For more information on our Oncology Services , please phone 1300 1REMED or 1300 173 633 or book online for an Oncology Care intake assessment.

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