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What Can I See a Naturopath For?

You can see a naturopath for a broad range of health concerns including allergies (especially children’s allergies), food intolerances, IBS, mood, anxiety, tiredness, depression and skin health, naturopathy can act in partnership with conventional care or provide an alternative where there has been limited success with conventional treatments.

More and more people are using natural medicine for everything from chronic health problems to the common cold. In fact, 65% of Australians have used one or more complementary medicines in the past year.

How Does it Work?

A typical naturopathic health plan begins with thorough case history and fact-finding 60 min session. This initial appointment also includes an additional comprehensive testing session to get an objective view of where your health is currently, and use of an industry leading nutritional analysis customised to work in with your personal RDIs.

This information will be used by your practitioner to develop your individual Treatment Management Plan, which will be presented to you at a Report of Findings session, during which your naturopath will explain what we are working to achieve, what you will need to do and roughly how long it will take.

How Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about your health concerns, we offer a free 20 minute private consultation with a naturopath. Simply fill out the form to book your consultation, or call us now on 1300 1REMED (1300 173 633) to get advice.

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