How can naturopathy help me?

More and more people are using natural medicine. In fact, 65% of Australians have used one or more complementary medicines in the past year.

A naturopath is a health care professional, usually with a Health Science degree, specialising in the correct use of natural medicine combined with the latest evidence-based scientific research. All practitioners at ReMed are fully qualified, registered with the leading industry bodies and regularly both attend and speak at national conferences and professional development training. Many ReMed naturopaths have also lectured.

A naturopath can assist you if;

  • Traditional medicine alone is not having the desired effect
  • You would like to explore a natural approach
  • You suspect there may be more going on with your health that what you know so far
  • You are wondering if your diet is impacting your health
  • The idea of a collaborative health support person appeals to you

While most naturopaths can treat any condition, many at ReMed choose to specialise in specific conditions that are of interest to them personally and where they have been getting excellent results. These include things like women’s health, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid issues, hormonal issues, cancer, chronic pain, lethargy, anxiety and depression, skin conditions. We also have naturopaths (often parents themselves) who are particularly wonderful at working with children, including behavioural concerns, food intolerances and infant issues like eczema, colic and stomach upsets.

To find out more about your health concerns, browse the menu and select one of the options below, or for the easy way call us now on 1300 1REMED to get advice.

Acute Care

  • Perfect for short-term infections
  • Coughs, colds and sniffles that are part of everyday life
  • Are not part of a recurrent or chronic health concerns


Corrective Care

  • Ideal for individuals with complex, chronic or recurrent health concerns
  • Your qualified naturopath will take you through your 4 Step Health Plan
  • Perfect for digestive dysfunction, food sensitivities, hormone imbalance and recurrent infections


Maintenance & Wellness Care

  • Don’t worry – you won’t be having naturopathic treatment forever!
  • Once you have completed the Corrective Care program, your practitioner will transition you to a maintenance or wellness care plan to ensure that you maintain your optimal level of health for good
  • We love to see people when ‘nothing is wrong’ and enter a wellness program for detox, fertility and our unique Health For Life program.


Specialised Care

  • ReMed is a specialised clinic and some of our clients need a little extra TLC
  • ReMed has specialised staff for oncology support
  • Please ask us about the specialised care entry criteria


Not sure what category suits you? We can help – just call us on 1300 1REMED.