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  • Sick of your acne? Tried everything?
  • Have you tried ProActiv or other expensive lotions and potions and still have acne?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to antibiotics or the nasty side effects of Roaccutane?

Natural medicines offer very safe and effective treatments for all types of acne on the face, shoulders and back.

Commonly we see clients that are currently taking:

Supportive therapy for the liver during and after treatment with Roaccutane to minimise side effects
The Pill
Complementary treatment can be provided that won’t interfere with this medicine.
And if you’re not using it for contraception, alternatives to managing cyclical aggravations are available.
Natural alternatives to prevent secondary infections in acne are available as medicines and internal applications Probiotics therapy to counteract the effect of antibiotics
No Medications
You may be looking at natural alternatives prior to trying currently prescribed medications for acne

A few pimples during adolescence for many people are a normal part growing up. However sometimes acne can become severe, long lasting, painful and even disfiguring.

There are many myths out there about acne, like that it’s from dirty/oily skin or bad diet. But we all know those people that eat junk food all the time and never get pimples. That’s because acne is actually caused by too many hormones or an imbalance in hormones, which is why it’s seen mostly in teenagers.  Acne can become infected after it’s appeared but it is important to remember that it isn’t caused by bacteria or poor hygiene.

In addition to the misleading information about the cause of acne, there are a lot of products, washes, ointments and creams that claim to treat acne. However you can’t just treat acne from the outside.

Unfortunately the standard medical treatments available, like the pill, antibiotics and Roaccutance are heavy handed medicines and come with a raft of side effects like liver damage, birth defects, sensitivity to light and bowel flora imbalance.

Natural medicines safely and effectively to naturally detoxify the excess hormones, reduce inflammation and redness and speed up healing of the already affected skin, without the nasty side effects of common medicines.

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