Corrective Care: The ReMed 4 Step Health Plan

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  • Do you have a health concern that you would like to treat with natural medicine care?
  • Are you wanting a treatment plan that looks at you as a whole, rather than just dealing with isolated symptoms?

Most of our clients undergo the corrective care plan, as they are often dealing with complex and/or chronic health concerns and are dedicated to getting better.

In 4 simple steps, your practitioner will help you achieve your health goals.


The ReMed Corrective Care Plan


1.  Case History

  • fact finding
  • current symptoms are signposts as to what is going on


2.  Testing

Comprehensive testing including:

  • blood sugar & cholesterol
  • urinalysis, kidney function & pH
  • blood pressure
  • zinc test
  • metabolic function


3.  Report of Findings

Your practitioner will show you:

  • your personalised map to health
  • the underlying cause of your symptoms
  • outline safe & effective natural treatments


4.  Dietary Analysis & Nutritional Plan

  • are you getting enough nutrients?
  • do you have the correct balance of protein, fats and carbs?
  • a detailed report and eating plan provided
  • long term maintenance of wellness

ReMed has a specialised team of professional and qualified naturopaths. We are not experts at everything, but here is what we excel in treating.







Call us on 1300 1REMED to book a Corrective Care appointment.