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  • Are you currently being treated for cancer, or about to begin treatment?

We have practitioners that have undergone training and are experienced in navigating through the role of natural medicine as an adjunct to care, including both naturopathic treatments and specialised oncology massage.

Most people that have been diagnosed with cancer are taking supplements and studies have shown that often they are not disclosed to their doctor.  Without specific training in the dynamic balance of nutrients and the effect of herbal medicines in the body you could be:

  • Interfering with conventional treatments
  • Having too much. Although many people think natural medicine is safe, many nutrients are toxic in high doses
  • Having too little of the wrong type; which often means you don’t get any benefit and are wasting your money
  • Get sucked into a marketing campaign of supplements that have little/no traditional use or have not been investigated sufficiently with research

We specialise in caring for women that have been diagnosed with hormone-dependant cancers.


The VITA Program

Preventative Care

  • Strong family history
  • Elevated markers and/or positive genetic factors
  • Wanting to act proactively


During Treatment – Adjunct to Conventional Therapy

Please ask us about the oncology care entry criteria

  • First and foremost: act safely
  • Reduce the side effects
  • Enhance the cancer cells’ sensitivity to chemo- and radio-therapy


Remission – Support Health & Vitality

  • Get back to basics
  • You are a person
  • Get your body to optimal status to give you the best chance
  • Change the terrain


Palliative – Enhance Quality of Life


*Please note: oncology care criteria requires you to be undertaking conventional monitoring and treatment to be included in the Vita program.

Call us on T: 1300 1REMED to book an Oncology Care intake assessment.

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