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  • Do you have trouble losing weight and then keeping it off?
  • Do you find that a diet works for a couple of weeks and then stops?
  • If your weight affecting your general health?

Then talking to us could help.

The Facts:

  • Fourteen million Australians are overweight or obese
  • Obesity has taken over from smoking as the leading cause of premature death.
  • Being overweight can affect every system of your body and leads to many different disease state.

It’s not always as simple as reducing your energy intake. Many systems in the body need to be working optimally to achieve healthy weight management. As part of a health plan, your naturopath will evaluate 4 keys areas:

  1. Eating patterns, nutrient intake and a plan to establish healthy eating patterns. We will assess whether emotional eating patterns or stress are impacting your metabolism. We will also assess what you are eating and if you are eating the correct amount of food.
  2. Thyroid – it doesn’t matter how well you eat or how much you exercise if your thyroid is underactive. It is the metabolic centre of the body and it essential for achieving a healthy body composition
  3. Metabolic syndrome – every client is assessed for metabolic syndrome, alteration in blood glucose regulation and cholesterol. All of these factors can significantly impact healthy metabolism.
  4. Hormones – many people don’t realise how much hormone imbalances can cause havoc with weight management. Many situations such as excess oestrogen, low testosterone and/or low progesterone can easily be modulated and can make all the difference as to whether your weight loss plan works or not.
  5. Most importantly body composition! When you get on the scales your weighing your entire body (bones, muscle, fat, water, organs). Here at Remed we can measure your body composition to achieve better outcomes.

At ReMed we take each patient separately and design a specific weight loss program that is individual to each person. However, we do offer a results-based program for clients wanting to achieve clinically-supervised fat loss in a short period of time.

ReMed Fast Start Program

This 8 or 12 week program achieves significant and long lasting results in clinically supervised weight loss. The program is individually tailored but always inclusive of regular BIA reports, consultations with an experienced clinical nutritionist, meal plans, tailored moderate exercise plan and in relevant cases meal replacements.

The program is adjusted to suit each client and takes into account;

  • Reason for weight loss e.g. upcoming event such as wedding, boost fertility, post child birth, elite sport, etc
  • Other health concerns
  • Diet restrictions or intolerances
  • General health & lifestyle goals
  • Your personal preferences and lifestyle factors

Key Principles of Fast Start:

  • Lose weight (fat) while preserving muscle mass
  • High protein, carbohydrate controlled diet (recipe book/shopping plans provided)
  • Complete supervision throughout the program – appointments every 1-2 weeks
  • Teaching you about correct weight control for lifetime results

Benefits of the Program:

  • Reduced waist circumference
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced blood pressure levels
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Improved blood sugar regulation
  • Reduce/eliminate sugar cravings
  • Improved quality of life

To find out more about the Fast Start program or to book an appointment for healthy weight management call us on 1300 1REMED (1300 173 633) or book a FREE 20 min BIA assessment online.

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