Pregnancy Massage

Massage is essential for everyone and when you are expecting a baby this may be the case even more so. Particularly as you get closer to your expected due date, regular massage can be a comfort to your body as well as helping you relax and in turn have you better prepared for labour and your baby’s pending birth.

As your body is changing and you start to gain weight, retain fluid, your ligaments begin to soften and all sorts of hormonal changes begin to take place, massage can not only help reduce any stress and anxiety you may be feeling but can also help reduce these physical symptoms and discomfort associated with them. Massage can help alleviate fluid retention, headaches, cramps, back pain, pelvic pain, fatigue, stress and anxiety. Massage can also help increase blood circulation, aiding to provide oxygen and nutrients to your baby.

During Pregnancy many body systems are changing to accommodate your growing baby. Understanding these changes enables the massage therapist to support you throughout your pregnancy whilst understanding any limitations or contraindications and referring on when required. Your qualified massage therapist will aim to provide you with a positive and nurturing experience that will allow you to focus on yourself and your ever changing body.