For Health Professionals

More and more people are seeking out natural health treatments to work in place of, or in conjunction with, traditional remedies. At ReMed, one of our greatest goals is to be part of an evolving natural health industry that is professional, results based and highly regarded by medical practitioners and the general public.

Our model is for collaborative care with practitioners, GPs and specialists to ensure the optimum health outcomes for our client. See our Professional Referrals page for more information on how our clinic works with other practitioners.

ReMed has come a long way in a short space of time and other clinic-based practice owners often ask us how we have done it. It was from this demand that Synergy of Success was founded in 2014, a mentoring service for both clinic owners and practitioners of all health and wellness modalities.

ReMed also provide services to other naturopaths (whether in a clinic or home-based) including a same-day delivery Dispensary Service and Pathology & Testing Services.