About Isabell

Isabell Ippolito

Naturopath and Nutritionist

B. Health Science (Naturopathy), Cert 3 (Commercial Cookery)
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  • Over 14 years experience in the cooking industry and healthy options
  • Women’s health specialist including thyroid, gut, PCOS and endometriosis
  • Currently undertaking an internationally recognised MTHFR course

Isabell’s passion for naturopathy began in her early 30’s when she sought the help of a naturopath for an ongoing health concern, following the birth of her second child.

Suffering from endometriosis, she had been prescribed medications from doctors on and off since her early 20’s - experiencing horrible side effects. Isabell sought the advice of a naturopath as she wanted to try another option, and in only a couple of weeks started to see results, including reduced stress and anxiety and over time, dramatically reduced pain.

As her family grew older Isabell went back to work, helping with administration for a local food manufacturer of many household Australian food items.

At the same time, she was talking about diet with her naturopath, and had implemented some changes in own personal diet. Through these changes she soon noticed she has better digestion, her skin cleared up dramatically and that she just felt “better and happier with more energy”. Eventually, she found ways to change her entire family’s diet to include better foods.

Finding a role that seemed ‘made for her’, Isabell went on to become the manager of a vegetarian canteen in a large secondary school, including doing much of the cooking. Over her 14 years with the school she has made it her mission to introduce healthier and homemade options onto the menu, including soups, salads, falafels, legumes – most often sneaking in many therapeutic benefits along the way.

Leading a very busy life typical of working mums, Isabell has completing her naturopathic degree part time while also running the canteen, raising her kids and renovating her house. Throughout the busy times, she has kept at it because she believed that ‘this is what she is meant to be doing, what is meant to be her path.’

Isabell is a naturally good teacher and begins her initial appointment explaining what naturopathy is if the patience hasn’t ever seen a naturopath, before discussing the presenting complaint, your medical history and lifestyle needs. She will then look at various systems in the body, including the common starting point of the gut.

Combining knowledge of naturopathy and cooking skills, Isabell will often educate her clients on therapeutic benefit of food and how to use food as medicine - yet still make it work in a busy family lifestyle. This might include such tips as suggesting alternative foods to substitute, where many times kids won’t even notice the difference. She has practical and personal advice about what to look for in common supermarket brands, especially for various intolerances, and commonly provides her clients with her own recipes that she has used at home for years.

Based on own personal experiences and her strengths as practitioner, Isabell works with all types of people but has a special interest in women’s health, including PCOS and endometriosis, thyroid, hormonal issues, gut health and stress and anxiety. She is also currently undertaking further studies around the impact of the MTHFR polymorphisms and how to treat these effectively, treatment which is supported by some specialised MTHFR testing available at ReMed.