About Rachel

Rachel Marley

Naturopath & Nutritionist

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), BEd/BSc
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  • Former primary school teacher passionate about paediatric nutrition
  • Integral member of the PANS & PANDAS Clinical Team
  • Extensive training in gastrointestinal health

Rachel is a degree qualified Naturopath with an extensive background in Primary Teaching which has allowed for great proficiency in her treatment and management within paediatric care at ReMed clinic

Health and well being in conjunction with natural medicine has always been a passion for Rachel with the connection between nutrition, lifestyle and health well established throughout her personal experiences, clinical experience and her own three children.

Rachel has and continues to develop her knowledge in paediatric care however has also participated in extensive training in gastrointestinal health and the microbiome and immune dysregulation further enhancing her clinical skills, particularly for the treatment and management of PANS and PANDAS. Additionally, training into nutrigenomics and methylation are current and ongoing areas of interest, further enhancing her knowledge and skills required for the individualised treatment required with the intricate and complex treatment of PANS or PANDAS.

After becoming familiar with ReMed clinic over the past 2 years, Rachel embraced the opportunity to join and work within the Remed PANS clinic. The collaborative approach to working within the team with direct training and supervision of Keonie Moore has presented Rachel with a unique and incredible opportunity to become highly skilled and adept in the treatment and management in this area whilst continually developing her skills through team collaboration, professional training and research.

Joining the Remed PANS clinic has provided Rachel with an amazing opportunity to be able to follow and further extend on her momentum and passion in paediatric care within a highly skilled team with continual professional training. Rachel is passionate about a collaborative approach to treatment inclusive of the patient, family and network of health professionals of which she believes is fundamental to achieving optimal (or excellent) treatment outcomes.