Our Services

Our Services

ReMed Natural Medicine Clinic is committed to providing you with comprehensive health care that ensures you get the best possible clinical outcome. We are dedicated to lifting the standards of complementary medicine in Australia and are leading the way in implementing research-informed treatment options for our patients.

Committed to Co-Management

We don’t think any of our patients should see their ReMed practitioner instead of their regular doctor or specialist. We work with you to integrate recommendations from all of your health professionals to ensure that you the combination is certain to give you improvement in your health.

Our practitioners are highly proficient at providing co-managed care. Practitioners of each modality meet regularly to review cases when they are working together with another ReMed practitioner. They develop cohesive treatment plans to ensure that they are always working on the outcomes that matter the most to you.

At the centre of ReMed are our three intrinsic values:

Integrity in all we do

Credibility in offering research based, result focused treatment

Respect for our clients, our clinic and other practitioners

Our goals within and beyond the clinic are understood and shared by our staff, practitioners and affiliated industry professionals:

  • To offer every client the best possible comprehensive care leading to outstanding results
  • To raise the bar for naturopathy, both in our business and industry
  • To seek out, develop and support practitioners who are at the height of professionalism and measurable client results
  • To innovate and develop new operational systems and clinical ideas and research
  • To include our team, clients and supporters in our journey and succeed only by the success of those we come into contact with

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Our History

ReMed was founded in 2009 by Keonie Moore, an experienced naturopath who joined the industry after seeing exceptional results with her sick infant son using natural medicine. Prior to opening ReMed in its original location in Eltham, Keonie ran a successful private practice in Warrandyte as a standalone practitioner.

Wanting to offer more to both her clients and the industry, ReMed was born of Keonie’s desire to make natural health remedies available to more people than she on her own could possibly see, and to establish a place where dedicated and effective practitioners would also find their own success.

After facing many of the challenges that so many small businesses come up against , ReMed went on to go grow in leaps and bounds, mainly on the word of mouth generated by hundreds of clients thrilled with the ReMed culture, professional practitioners and genuine results.

In 2014 ReMed moved to a larger location and now services over 100 clients a week as well as providing health presentations to community groups, conducting research and offering complementary services to other clinics.

While several health services are available at ReMed, it is one of the only clinics in the country specialising in naturopathy with multiple naturopaths on board, including some that are working on thesis’, speaking internationally and published in peer reviewed journals.

If you are interested in reading more about the ReMed story you may wish to visit Synergy of Success, our industry specialist mentoring program.