Ancora Oncology Care Program

ReMed Ancora Oncology Adjunctive Care

Being given the diagnosis of the big ‘C’ can be overwhelming, shocking, terrifying, confusing and you may feel very alone in the diagnosis. Suddenly everything in your life has changed. You wonder how this has happened to you? What did I do wrong? Why has my body let me down? Am I going to get through this? How are my family going to cope with this?

One of the most important first steps in your health journey is to gather a support team of family, friends and health care professionals to provide you with the best care going forward.

Derived from latin meaning to anchor or support, the Ancora Oncology Team consists of an integrative, supportive group of health professionals, who form an alliance with you, and are passionate about supporting you to actively participate in achieving your best level of health and quality of life.

An adjunctive care model means that we work alongside your conventional treatment to:

  • Optimise health and well-being
  • Avoid negative interactions with cancer treatments
  • Where possible, enhance positive interactions and potentiate sensitivity of cancer cells to conventional treatments
  • Reduce the side effects of your treatment and assist in the completion of your recommended conventional treatment plan

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The ReMed Ancora Oncology Team consists of highly experienced naturopaths, clinical nutritionists, oncology massage therapists and acupuncturists that provide adjunctive care to patients whilst undergoing medically prescribed treatment to reduce side effects, enhance quality of life and to reduce the risk of reoccurance once in remission.
Our team have experience in treating patients with a great number of different blood, hormonal and gastrointestinal cancers. These cancer types include:
  • Breast
  • Prostate
  • Ovarian
  • Lymphoma
  • Colorectal
  • Brain
The ReMed Ancora Oncology Team have also developed an all-inclusive 6 month adjunctive care program designed specifically for those who have been diagnosed with cancer.
The Ancora Oncology Program includes regular oncology massage and acupuncture treatments as well as consultations with your naturopath or clinical nutritionist for an individualised treatment plan, nutritional assessment and diet support as well as assessing lifestyle and environmental factors. Some of these factors will be considered in terms of a maintenance plan to address factors that may relate to reducing recurrence after conventional treatment has been completed. Each program participants gets their own workbook that takes you through all the recommendations in step-by-step approach.
Our Ancora Oncology Team of specialist practitioners with extensive clinical experience meets each individual case with a tailored, integrative and supportive treatment program, designed around your specific cancer and situation.  We always have 5 goals in mind:
  1. Support recovery and convalescence from surgery
  2. Enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  3. Reduce the side effects (both short and long-term) of chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  4. Support general health to ensure conventional treatment plan can be adhered to
  5. Maintenance plan to reduce recurrence
  • Evaluation of how to support your cancer treatment plan:
    • what supplements are safe to take
    • how to avoid interactions with the chemotherapy drugs
    • how to sensitise cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiation therapy
    • how to reduce side effects; both short and long-term

What is included in the ReMed Ancora Oncology Program?

  • Initial naturopathic consultation, testing and individualised treatment plan
  • Regular acupuncture treatments OR
  • Regular oncology massage treatments
  • Regular naturopathic or clinical nutrition consultations
  • All testing and pathology required to help understand your individual situation and what care plan you will best respond to
  • All supplements and/or herbal medicines that are recommended by your naturopath or clinical nutritionist
  • Private Health fund rebates apply
  • Specialist practitioner team that have extensive experience working in adjunctive care for oncology
  • Ancora program workbook to take you through recommendations in a step-by-step approach
  • Victus Health subscription to give you healthy and nutritious recipes ideas

The Ancora Oncology Team, comprised of naturopathy, clinical nutrition, acupuncture and oncology massage, is very committed to full disclosure with your medical team about your treatment recommendations and will NOT accept anyone into the program not currently under the care of an oncologist and following their recommendations.

Our team are here to support you through your conventional treatment program and to establish a plan to reduce symptoms associated it, maximise quality of life and to reduce the risk of recurrence through diet, mind and lifestyle adaptations.

A free, no obligation private appointment with our Ancora Oncology Team is offered to anyone wanting to find out more information about our oncology services. This complimentary appointment can be booked online or by phoning our ReMed clinic on 1300 1REMED or you can book online 


The program has been endorsed by Kate Butler, Victorian State Coordinator of Oncology Massage Ltd who says  I often encounter patients who want more information about how they can maximise their health and wellbeing during cancer treatment and beyond into survivorship and have often wished there was a reliable, research-based, complementary therapy program that could supply information to cut through the maze of – at best – unhelpful and expensive therapies,  to – at worst – therapies that undermine the benefits of the medical regime that maximises the reduction and or control of that particular cancer.”

“The Ancora program is research-based, truly complementary, tailored to the specific needs of specific patients, is holistic and has well documented positive outcomes.  I recommend the program to any person undergoing mainstream treatment for cancer to maximise their health and quality of life.  My hope is that something of this calibre is one day government funded.” 

Kate Butler, Victorian State Coordinator of Oncology Massage Ltd


I was recommended Shannon from Remed by a friend who is studying nutrition. I had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and after my mastectomy was left to deal with getting my health back on track alone. Being prescribed Tamoxifan I was suffering from some side effects and was really conscious of the need to detox my body to give myself the best chance of wellness. I had started to modify my diet and reduced my toxin intake but I needed professional guidance. 

Meeting Shannon was fantastic – finally I had someone who I could talk to, discuss my concerns and get some practical and beneficial advice. Shannon has a wealth of knowledge on cancer causes, effects and treatments and in my case she was able to identify a genetic mutation that affects my body’s ability to absorb certain important nutrients and then prescribe supplements to over come this. My Tamoxifan side effects are now managed, we are monitoring my hormones, my vitamin D levels and my liver is being cleared of toxins. Shannon has also been a great support in preparing for surgery and for ensuring a smooth recovery afterwards. She has been happy to answer any questions and is always prepared to search out further information and scientific reports where necessary.

Also, I am genetically predisposed to very high cholesterol and have spent many years refusing to take statins to reduce it. Under Shannon’s guidance, I have been able to halve my readings naturally by managing my diet, boosting my supplements and detoxing my liver. This has a been a huge result for me after so long – and one that was relatively easy to achieve with Shannon’s help.

Working with a practitioner who is holistic yet scientific and evidence based gives me confidence that I am getting the best support for my health through nutrition and supplementation without compromising my medical team’s advice. I am feeling well and happy that I am doing all I can to stay as well as I can. 

Rebecca, Mount Waverley