PANS & PANDAS Book Pre-Order Interest Form

PANS & PANDAS Book Pre-Order Interest Form

Keonie Moore and ReMed practitioner Rebecca Talia are currently finalising their first publication of The PANS Puzzle- A Guide to Complementary Medicine Interventions for Clinicians book to be released mid 2018. Over the past 6 years, Keonie has been innovating treatment options for children with PANS and PANDAS through documenting and publishing the outstanding clinical results she achieves, as we as opening the ReMed PANS & PANDAS clinic to enable a greater number of patients access care via her PANS Clinical Team. The aim of this book is to provide practical applications for clinicians to consider treatment options that are safe, effective and evidence-informed treatment strategies for children presenting with acute onset neuropsychiatric disorders, PANS and PANDAS. The authors aim to succinctly summarise what is known to date on these conditions and expand on that knowledge from a complementary medicine perspective. At a time where there is still considerable debate academically about these conditions, this book takes into consideration that undoubtedly research will continue to deepen our understanding and distil the best treatment approaches in the coming years. But until then, as clinicians, we are still compelled to help all their paediatric patients and their families. Parents are encouraged to read this book, but not undertake self-diagnosis or treatment for their children. Rather develop a support network of health professionals that can prescribe the best combination for your individual situation.

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