Children’s Health

 Children’s Health

Have concerns about your children’s health and nutrition? Call 1300 1REMED or 1300 173 633 or book an appointment online.

Here at ReMed we are passionate about working with kids to teach them about their health and how food impacts them. Education about nutrition is so important as the early years provide the foundation for their future food habits, development and health and wellbeing.

In fact, due to growth and development, children are at risk of a number of nutritional deficiencies including iron and zinc. We want every child to get the best start so ensuring that their little bodies have all the building blocks is an area that we focus on by:

  • Using supplements only to replete frank deficiencies
  • Working with your child to try new foods to get the nutrients they need from their diet
  • Supportive healthy digestive function and immune system to achieve optimal health

We have practitioners that are experienced in providing natural health care for kids – not only in terms of expertise but also the practicality of working with kids – food ideas, the taste of natural medicines, correct dosages based on age and weight in addition to whether their diet is providing the nutrition that their growing body’s need.

ReMed has developed an innovative and engaging program ‘How Food Works’ that is presented to kinders and primary school to get kids engaged in how food can help their bodies to be strong and healthy. This has been so well received by the schools that we have now educated close to 1,000 kids through this program and are inundated by requests from schools to provide this service.

Common things kids come to see us about are: asthma, croup, recurrent infections, molluscum contagiosum, eczema, sleep, behaviour, ADHD, autism and PANS.

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