Healthy Weight Management

Healthy Weight Management

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  • Do you have trouble losing weight and then keeping it off?
  • Do you find that a diet works for a couple of weeks and then stops?
  • If your weight affecting your general health?

Then talking to us could help.

Weight gain involves a complex interaction between our genes, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. While the disease is not possible without excess caloric consumption, relative to the amount of calories burned, the factors that govern caloric intake and caloric output are multi-faceted.

We know that the “calories in vs calories out” equation always holds true because in research studies that put overweight individuals in metabolic wards, where researchers control participant’s caloric intake, participants always lose weight. However, humans don’t live in metabolic wards in hospitals. They are exposed to environmental factors that can have a large effect on their genes, caloric intake, energy expenditure and body composition.


Many systems in the body need to be working optimally to achieve healthy weight management. A ReMed naturopath can help evaluate your health in 4 keys areas:

  1. Eating patterns, nutrient intake and a plan to establish healthy eating patterns. We will assess whether emotional eating patterns or stress are impacting your metabolism. We will also assess what you are eating and if you are eating the correct amount of food.
  2. Thyroid – it doesn’t matter how well you eat or how much you exercise if your thyroid is underactive. It is the metabolic centre of the body and it essential for achieving a healthy body composition
  3. Metabolic syndrome – every client is assessed for metabolic syndrome, alteration in blood glucose regulation and cholesterol. All of these factors can significantly impact healthy metabolism.
  4. Hormones – many people don’t realise how much hormone imbalances can cause havoc with weight management. Many situations such as excess oestrogen, low testosterone and/or low progesterone can easily be modulated and can make all the difference as to whether your weight loss plan works or not.
  5. Most importantly body composition! When you get on the scales your weighing your entire body (bones, muscle, fat, water, organs). Here at Remed we can measure your body composition to achieve better outcomes.

By understanding the various factors that influence the amount of calories we consume and the calories we expend, we can better understand how to modify our diet and lifestyle habits, in order to increase weight loss, sustain weight loss and prevent weight gain, without necessarily counting of calories.

Our practitioners then use a habit-based approach to weight loss, where they help coach you to implement healthy habits gradually, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Each consult, new habits will be introduced, eventually leading to an accumulation of healthy habits that will help you not only lose weight, but keep it off in the future.

No fads, no gimmicks and no calorie counting, just evidence based diet and lifestyle coaching, with the help of evidence based nutritional/herbal supplementation, to help ensure you reach your body composition goals and reap all the health benefits of sustained weight loss.

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