My Genes

My Genes

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Epigenetics. Nutrigenomics. Genetic profiling.

These are buzzwords at the moment but how do they relate to you?

Fitgenes is once in a lifetime testing based on the science of nutrigenomics – the interaction between genes, nutrition and lifestyle (including exercise) and how these influence your gene’s messages. Those messages tell your body how to respond to external influences.

Everyone has been born with their own DNA profile that sets them up for certain predisposition or risk factors for their health.

Functional areas covered by the test include cell defence, inflammation, liver detoxification pathways, vitamin D receptors, methylation, cardiovascular health and fat and cholesterol metabolism.

Understanding your profile can help you prevent a range of health concerns including:

  • Diabetes and insulin resistance, hypertension and high cholesterol
  • hormone imbalances and liver clearance of hormones
  • Bone density, exercise performance and injury recovery
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Chronic diseases that are on the rise including cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic dysfunction


Do you know your family history and want to prevent disease?

Working to remove or minimalise the effects of hereditary disease is preventative medicine at its best. It is incredible to now be able to know the genes inherited from your family and how it could impact on your health. Genetic DNA profiling allows you to establish an effective intervention to prevent the onset of significant health conditions.

The DNA profile does not require a blood test, it is a simple once-only saliva test. By analysing your DNA profile, your practitioner can design a targeted program of nutrition, exercise and life style choices designed specifically to suit your health goal.  Some examples are blood pressure, hormone imbalance and weight management.

The My Genes programs are not ‘one size fits all’.  The program is personalised by your practitioner no matter your age, gender or desired health goal/s. The program includes only evidence-based interventions and are designed to optimise your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices to interact favorably with your genetics.

The benefits of the My Gene program:

  • personalised health programs that deliver measurable results.
  • strategic interventions based on your DNA profile prepared for you.
  • address multiple health goals as part of your program.
  • improved health outcomes, as My Gene programs are easy to implement and maintain.

Through Fitgenes’ process of personalised genetic profiling, your certified practitioner will provide you with a program that analyses a number of genes to determine what nutritional, exercise and lifestyle factors will influence your individual health and wellbeing.

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