OCD & Tics In Children (PANS & PANDAS)

OCD & Tics in Children (PANS)

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Sudden onset Obsessive-compulsive disorder and/or tics in children has been associated with a condition called PANS.

PANS is an acronym for pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome and is characterised by obsessions, compulsion and/or tics with severe anxiety and development regression such as bedwetting, handwriting or school work suddenly going backwards following an infection.

Whilst the earlier researched focused on PANDAS – acute onset symptoms that are triggered by Group A beta-heamolytic Streptococcus infections such as Scarlet fever and Strep throat; it is now widely recognised that this immune activation and dysregulation can be triggered by a host of infectious triggers, such as epsteinn-barr virus, cytomegalovirus, coxsackie virus and herpes simplex.

PANDAS is technically a subset of PANS – and generally awareness within school and health professionals in Australia is very low. Parents are often grasping for answers as the neurological symptoms are so impactful on their children’s education and social development.

We have specific practitioners are ReMed that are very experienced in helping families impacted by PANS and PANDAS. We have developed an innovative treatment model that focuses on reducing neuro-inflammation and immune dysregulation, the underlying drivers in these conditions, with outstanding clinical results.

If you are unsure whether PANS or PANDAS is affecting your child, please made an appointment with our practitioners experienced in this area, Keonie Moore and Bec Talia.

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